Customer Need

Hyatt Inclusive Collection needed an email marketing and CRM solution that could provide a unified view of their guests, integrate with multiple booking engines and property management systems, offer responsive customer service, and include hotel-specific functionalities.

Our Solution

PUSHTech met Hyatt's needs with our Customer Data Platform, which integrates with most hotel industry software and technology providers via API, including top booking engines and PMS. Plus PUSHTech email marketing and marketing automation platforms which are tailored to the needs of the hotel industry. We also enrolled Hyatt in a premium customer service program that includes 24/7 support, dedicated customer success representatives, and expert office hours.


Since implementing our solution, Hyatt has seen noticeable improvements in personalization and automation capabilities for their email marketing campaigns, more effective guest communications due to hotel-specific functionalities, a closer relationship with customer service representatives, and a reduction in cost compared to their previous tool. The Hyatt team reports that "It feels like PUSHTech is part of our team. We are very happy with the switch from Hubspot to PUSHTech. We have improved in hotel-specific functionalities, customer service and pricing."