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  • "We are very happy with the switch from Hubspot to PUSHTech. We have improved in hotel-specific functionalities, customer service and pricing."

    Juan Llop
    Direct Sales Manager, Hyatt Inclusive Collection
  • "PUSHTech has become an essential tool for our marketing. The results in direct sales were visible and noticeable from our first e-mailing."

    Ana Garcia
    Marketing Manager, HD Hotels
  • "PUSHTech stands out for the support and its team throughout the process of configuration, auditing and data architecture, as well as in the daily use of the tool."

    Oscar Barber
    Digital Manager, Artiem Hotels
  • "Since we started working with PUSHTech, we have been able to increase direct sales, disintermediate commissioned channel bookings and increase customer loyalty."

    Maria Serra
    Marketing Manager, Zafiro Hotels
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Hotel CRM & Marketing Automation
Take control of your database, improve customer experience & increase direct sales with the hotel sector dedicated platform.

1500+ hotels already trust PUSHTech´s Hotel CRM & Marketing Automation.

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PUSHTech Platform

What We Do

Centralize your customer data in one platform.

Unify data from your PMS, reservation engine, reputation and loyalty softwares, mobile apps, WIFI, check-in and dozens of other essential hotel software tools, to take control of your databases to improve customer loyalty, automate a better guest experience & to increase direct reservations.

Guest Journey Automation.

Create a better communication experience with your guest, reduce manual labor, increase direct reservations and optimize client relation management. Send emails, SMS, web and push notifications for each step of the customer journey. Segmented by reservation data and client behavior.

Marketing Automation

Manage all your customers communications from a single platform. Through email, e-commerce, websites and mobile apps, create advanced segmentation, highly personalized and automated conversations.

Email Marketing and Automated emails.

Design beautiful email newsletters and personalize automated email campaigns. Our easy to use template builder will delight your team.

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PUSHTech We Deliver

Key benefits

More direct reservations, Healthier Business.

Increase direct reservations and net business income. Disintermediate bookings from third-party channels to your direct channel.

Unified customer data.

APIs, SDKs and Webhooks to unify all your customer databases and to make sure that you have all valuable customer data in a single place.

Automation and operational efficiency.

Create a streamlining of communications pre-stay, during stay & post stay, which improves the guest experience & generates operational efficiencies.

Segmentation and personalization.

Target precise audience segments, using reservation data, buying behavior, contact and personal information, as well as by specifying custom fields related to your unique goals.

Free your marketing teams from software engineers dependency.

Marketers get full control over technology driven campaigns, actions and timings.

Measurable ROI ranging from x10 to x70+.

Accounting for the amount of disintermediated bookings from OTAs to the direct channel, revenues of direct new bookings and number of direct bookings per campaigns.