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PUSHTech Platform

PUSHTech is a platform where high value-added software for businesses is developed and marketed.

The PUSHTech’s mission is to help businesses generate more effective, efficient and valuable communications with their customers through the use of automated and intelligent solutions.

To achieve this goal, we maintain a philosophy of continuous innovation in the development of a CRM and an automated marketing, sales and management platform, which allows your business to acquire, segment, retain and help your customers, through communications via email, push, chat and sms.

Our value proposition:

Building relationships.

Having a strong relationship with our customers and partners is our primary focus. Building confidence in between our businesses and generating scenarios of mutual benefit is a key part of our philosophy and success.

Effective, respectful and profitable.

Unifying all your customer communication channels delivers accessibility and great value for your business and your team. Our 360º view of your customer interaction with your business increases your customer intelligence and competitiveness.

Unifying and integrating.

Helping to position your customer right at the center of your strategy. Creating personalized, respectful and automated conversations that generate effective engagement and profitable relationships with your customers.

Simplifying complexity.

Cutting edge technology easy to use and affordable. Increasing your technology potential, super powering your existing systems and tools while reducing your costs.