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New Highlights on Customer Engagement with Smartwatch Notifications

The market for smartwatches and wearable technology is growing fast, and industry experts are convinced that smartwatches will soon be a fundamental part of our digital eco-system.

Finance: New ways to reach customer engagement through mobile services

Banks and Financial Services must integrate mobile technology to compete in their market, with more effective and attractive products. To succeed, it is very important to know exactly what the needs of their customers are and bring them solutions that improve their financial management, offering practical and easy to use services.

Travel & Hospitality: Increase reservations and engage with guests!

Knowing your customers’ wishes and needs and being precise and punctual are crucial in the travel and hospitality industry.

Retail & E-Commerce: Generate more business via apps and actual stores!

In the mobile age, where it is more probably that a preschooler knows how to use a smartphone than to tie his shoes, there is no platform that is more effective than mobile messaging.

FMCG: Increase app traffic, sales and coupon delivery!

In the industry of FMCG, it is vital for companies to constantly promote new products to customers, dealers and vendors in order to increase sales.

Public Services: Improve Services and Engage Citizens!

New ways of communications and interaction have dramatically changed the way people interact – with each other, with businesses and brands, why not also with governments and public agencies or authorities?

Agencies and Developers: Create great value for your mobile application clients!

As everything in today’s world – from e-commerce to online games – goes mobile, agencies and app developers have to focus on new mobile marketing strategies.

Financial Services: Deliver More Effective Communications!

The world of banking has seen a enormous shift towards online, and also mobile banking. In order not to be left behind, banks and financial operators must enable their customers to complete almost every former offline process on their smartphones.