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Mobile First

Mobile is the cornerstone of all consumer communication today. It has the highest penetration, the highest sales conversions, the highest consumer satisfaction ratings.

Every channel is now a Mobile channel with mobile device ownership running at over 70%. Our mobile channels put you in touch with customer’s current context—on any connected device – smartphone, tablet, laptop.

PUSHTech™ Mobile First

Intelligent Multi-Channel Communications

We offer relevant immediate enterprise mobile communications across:

In-App Push Notifications
In-App Push Notifications are sent to users while they are in an app.
SMS Marketing Solutions
Mobile marketing can provide customers personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas.
Instant Messaging
Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers realtime text transmission over the Internet.
Chat Apps
Online chat offers a realtime transmission of text messages from sender to receiver.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty.
Transactional Email
Transactional emails are sent to one person as a result of an action triggered by the user.
Effective Engagement

Effective Engagement

Engage customers in the right channel at the right time - sending realtime alerts or sales notifications with easy-to-use mobile messaging. Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interfaces and campaign manager lets you create any kind of mobile message.

Pinpoint Your Audience

Pinpoint Your Audience

Our unique Segmentation and Smart Targeting Engines features make it easy to send personalized messages to your mobile subscribers. Target your message based on location, demographic information, or other external customer data sources.

Smarter Geolocation Triggers

Get Smarter Geolocation Triggers

Trigger interactions at exactly the right time and place, enhancing the customer journey with personalized mobile experiences that are triggered when your customers are within a targeted geographic range.

Enhance your Branded using Rich Content

Take your mobile app experience up a gear with promotions, offers and sales campaigns. Send rich content like images, videos and coupons to subscribers’ phones with a single push message.

Rich content
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Connected Devices

Behind every device, there’s a customer. With connected devices, lines between the physical and digital worlds cross paths. Marketers today manage more screens and use more utility-based and traditional marketing efforts to connect with their customers than ever before.

PUSHTech Marketing Cloud™ allows customers to power connected solutions that react to online and offline customer actions in real time.

Connected Devices
Consumer Mobile Lifecycle

Manage the Consumer Mobile Lifecycle

Run cross-channel mobile marketing campaigns with ease using PUSHTech’s Marketing Cloud. Manage all aspects of customer engagement with a Mobile-First mindset. Use our Intelligent MultiChannel Optimization and Segmentation Engines to run precisely targeted mobile campaigns across the appropriate channels.

Build on Powerful APIs

Build on Powerful APIs

Create and automate custom mobile marketing solutions—like personalized daily appointment alerts, sales order confirmations, or diary updates—with our mobile API. Boost the value of any realtime interactions by integrating other data sources like sales trend data, marketing analytics or customer behavior within your mobile campaigns

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