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Unified, Effective and Simple

Communicate, understand and track all interactions with your customers in an unified and integrated platform, giving your teams the ability to deliver high quality customer engagement, profitable marketing activities and effective customer support.

Integrate your push notifications with your email campaigns or your email purchase confirmations with an SMS or a push message.

PUSHTech Mobile First

Multi-Channel Customer Communications

In-App Push Notifications
Connect with your users while they using your app or web.
Email Marketing
Send better emails with beautiful templates that look great in every screen size.
SMS Marketing Solutions
Delivering the highest open rate of all channels. Available in 200+ countries.
Messaging API
Add SMS, PUSH and EMAILS to your Web and Mobile Applications by connecting your backend to our REST API.
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Unified Channels for Better Customer Data

Your E-commerce customers, app users or email subscribers are all your same customers. Avoid having separated and fragmented customer databases and marketing platforms.

With PUSHTech multi-channel CRM + Marketing automation, keep your customer data unified, accessible and profitable.

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