• “PUSHTech’s Mobile Marketing Cloudenables brands and marketers to intelligently personalize mobile communications in realtime for meaningful one-on-one conversations”

  • “Mobile is simply too big, too important and moving too fast not to have a Mobile engagement strategy today”

Why Mobile?

Mobile is Everywhere

3 billion smartphone users are the largest, fastest growing audience in the world. 72% Americans use a smartphone. China's 600 million users are catching up fast.

Mobile is Always On

And those users have their phones at the ready 24/7/365

Mobile is Personal

It’s the instant intimate connection to your customers, clients and users that’s unlike anything else.

Mobile needs to be Smart

But Mobile’s reach and frequency can quickly be interpreted as interruption and intrusion. So you must act wisely using smart, valued, context-aware communications.

Mobile drives Engagement

Mobile drives real engagement between brands, retailers and their customers like no other.

Mobile is Realtime

Mobile is the only channel you can have an ongoing conversation in realtime with your customers.

Mobile needs Intelligent Multichannel

True engagement is built on relevance, context, preference, intimacy, immediacy and experience - that only a smart communications engine can deliver.

Why MultiChannel?

Mobile means Context-aware

If you want to get personal with someone, you need to know who they are. You need context to connect.

Mobile raises the Bar

Mobile is contextual like no other - your systems need to be context, history and location-aware. As consumers expect you to know their habits, preferences and previous choices instinctively.

Mobile needs to get Smart

Success therefore in Mobile demands that you understand, track, respect and leverage all the context mobile brings: “The right message, to the right person, at the time and in the right place”. So Mobile needs a higher level of intelligence than other channels.

Mobile demands Insight

Mobile is a format like no other. Mobile demands a greater consumer insight, continuous awareness.

Push Notification

Why Intelligent MultiChannel?

Mobile needs 360º Awareness

True engagement needs relevance, context, preference, intimacy, immediacy and experience. That means having all Mobile channels coordinated and informed in realtime.

Mobile drives Outcomes

Our Mobile Marketing Cloud enables personalized One-on-One conversations between brands, retailers, marketers and their customers. We help you drive experiences and outcomes, but not simply audiences - as only Mobile can.

Mobile needs to be Optimized

Our MultiChannel Optimization Engine tells you when and which type of message to send – dramatically improving your customer satisfaction and campaign efficiency with savings up to 70%.

PUSHTech brings it all together

Our Mobile Marketing Cloud, complete with its Optimization Engine creates the most responsive customer engagement Mobile platform today.

Our Proposition

Segment your audiences intelligently so you always deliver the right message.

On Target

Always creates precise, relevant and valued customer engagement, improving brand loyalty.

Reduce Costs

MultiChannel Optimized marketing campaigns reduce costs up to 70%.

Save Time

Our easy-to-use Campaign Manager saves up to 3-fold time and inhouse resources.

Better Value

Our Mobile Marketing Cloud improves your campaign effectiveness, efficiency and promotes better customer loyalty and engagement rates.

The PUSHTech™ Advantage

PUSHTech™ takes a MOBILE FIRST approach to create the most informed and easy-to-use multichannel Mobile engagement platform available.

The PUSHTech™ Mobile Marketing Cloud leverages all that is best about Mobile to create valued brand experiences and personalized customer engagement.

Our Mobile Marketing Platform combines smart targeting, customizable campaign management with optimized multichannel capabilities - so you can easily deliver relevant notifications, alerts, reminders and marketing campaigns.

PUSHTech™ provides businesses and developers with proven, scalable technologies and high-performance API and SDKs - purpose built for Mobile communications that easily integrate into your applications, in a redundant, scalable platform with 99.99% of high availability.