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CMO Organizer
Configure Data your way

Use configurable, easy-to-interpret tiles like campaign management, audience stats, channel success rates, costs analysis, KPIs, mobile messaging, conversion and ROI metrics in with an intuitive dashboard interface to uncover valuable insights and re-adjust your parameters in realtime.

PUSHTech™ Platform Overview

Customizable Campaign Dashboard
Design your own Dashboard

Consolidate Campaigns and KPIs in a single dashboard to instantly track and evaluate your marketing efforts. Gain a thorough understanding of what works for your customers.

PUSHTech™ Customizable Campaign Dashboard
PUSHTech™ Audience Creator

Audience Creator
Use and Manage your Data effectively

Realtime Customer Data

Instantly consolidates data from multiple sources to gain a better understanding of customer behaviors. Consolidate customer data from multiple sources within the PUSHTech Marketing Cloud to create a comprehensive view of your customers.

Create your Audience

Deliver what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. Mobile creates huge databases of information about your users' interests. Each time a user views a screen in your app or responds to a mobile campaign, they are giving you a sense of what matters most to them.

Segmentation Engine
Drive engagement via Data

Filter & Segment in Realtime

Create highly targeted and segmented audiences using data from any source in real time. With PUSHTech you can immediately filter and segment based on any criteria you choose using our drag-and-drop feature.

Messaging Precision

Our easy-to-use interface helps you leverage your customer databases to engage in personalized conversations with your customers. Use your data to drive highly targeted, personalized customer engagement - to deliver the right message, via the right channel, at the right time.

Customizable Segmentation

Create, save and re-use complex audience segments by combining the wealth of audience profile data available, including user preferences, behavior triggers, device or system info, realtime location and historical location data.

PUSHTech™ Realtime Mobile Analytics
PUSHTech™ Smart Targeting

Smart Targeting
Create your customer Intelligence

Build intelligent user profiles that combine mobile usage behavior, user preferences, location history and device information to enable highly targeted mobile engagement. Then you can filter and segment your databases based on your customized customer attributes and selection criteria allowing you target your message with greater precision than ever.

Campaign Manager
Discover what Works and Use It

Build integrated Mobile marketing campaigns from scratch using our Campaign Manager. Get an immediate overview of how they perform and adjust them as you need. Using Campaign Manager you can schedule actions and messages, create draft plans and interrogate the data quickly or provide historic comparisons.

Realtime Mobile Analytics
Understanding your Customers

Tap into your campaign results to create new ones to drive outcomes, increase innovation, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Detect behavioral trends in Mobile to drive your campaign and content strategy using clicks or search terms. Spot trends and opportunities faster and target audiences more precisely based on dynamic behavior.

PUSHTech™ Realtime Mobile Analytics
PUSHTech™ Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting
Review and Optimize your Campaigns

Realtime tracking and graphical reporting can instantly optimize your campaigns and improve your ROI. Instantly view and analyze vital data to maximize your marketing ROI and take your digital marketing to the next level. Generate new reports, edit measures and attributes, or change filters and view of your report - all at the speed of thought.

Conversion Tracking
Drive measurable Customer Outcomes

By analyzing the various reporting results marketing can instantly adjust your campaign metrics, highlighting those messages and channels that are producing the best impact on customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

Mobile users can tell you what days or times of day they want to hear from you. With this information, you can build more robust audience profiles that allow for better segmentation, smart targeting and increased ROI.

PUSHTech™ Conversion Tracking