Landing Pages

Customized landing page templates help you create rich branded experiences with your in-App Push Notifications.

Automatic Push

You can quickly set up your own automatic in-App Push Notifications based on user behaviour, events and rules.


Trigger interactions when your customers are within a targeted geographic range.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Preview your in-App Push Notifications in one click to see how they will look across all your platforms.


Our highly reliable and mission-critical platform gets you up and running in minutes and scales as your user base grows.

Send in-App Push Notifications Directly from the web interface

The PUSHTech Mobile Marketing Platform allows you to preview your in-App Push Notifications in real time on the platforms you target.


Template Builder

Create beautiful emails. With our drag and drop interface easily add images, videos, links and social media pages to your email templates in seconds. Mobile friendly and responsive emails with no designer, coding or IT required.

Dynamic Content

The right content for the right person. An email campaign will automatically adapt images, texts, links, email address, offers and more.

Master layouts + Dynamic contents.

One layout for unlimited contents. Choose your best template and use dynamic contents that you can design within our platform or bring them from your backend system.

Segmentation & Targets

Maximise open, click and conversion rates. Easily segment your audience and contacts by using our 200+ predefined filters. Precisely target your customers using language, location, behaviour, OS platform, engagement states and much more.

Automated Sequences

Guide your users and contacts through a serialized narrative personalized by their interactions and behaviours. Your conversions will skyrocket.

Personalization & Tags

Human touch at scale. Communicate with thousands of contacts without losing the human touch. Create automated campaigns including each individual first name, both in the title of the message and on the body.

Conversion Tracking

Measurable Outcomes.Optimise your campaigns and communications by analysing relevant KPIs and metrics.

Behaviour & Event Triggers

Funnel Stages, Abandoned Cart, Product Purchases. Automate the delivery of the right information on each stage of their interaction with your business for a better customer experience and a higher conversion rate. Increase effectiveness of your sales funnels, onboarding process and support communications.


Landing Pages & Short URL

Create Responsive Landing Pages that adapted to any screen size and insert them as short URL into your sms campaigns.

Highest deliverability rates

Received by everyone, everywhere.

Millions of Transactions - Anywhere on the World

PUSHTech processes millions of transactions every month. Its agreements with national and international operators enable it to deliver your communications instantly to more than 1000 mobile operators in all corners of the world.

Customer Notifications and Alerts

Notify customers when deliveries are made or payments are due. Create behaviour-based triggers that send them the right offer, sales coupon or relevant content at the right time.

Cloud API

Integrate your corporate software via our SMS API public confidence and forward their business processes to customers, partners or employees.

User signups & confirmation codes

Validate accounts signups, update passwords and send confirmation codes.


Create cross-channel messages in a single place.
Automate communication with your customers.
Send push notifications to your app users.
View and analyze campaign results.
Communicate last minute opportunities and offer.
Get a detailed user reports.
Trigger messages based on actual user location.
Return user-level response data to your system or CRM.