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  • "Such cool and easy to use software"

    Designer at Planet Mom
  • "PUSHTech gives us incredible targeting precision for all channels while boosting our campaign effectiveness and ROI"

    David Cook
    Product Manager, Privax
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Marketing & Engagement Automation
for Webs, Apps and Email Marketers

Acquire, Educate, Engage and Support your users and customers from a single platform. PUSHTech is an easy-to-use yet powerful multi-channel marketing and engagement automation platform for push, email and sms.

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PUSHTech Platform

What We Do

Unified Marketing & Engagement Automation.

PUSHTech enables automated, personalized, respectful and profitable conversations between you and your consumers. In every channel.

Email Marketing and Automated emails.

Design beautiful email newsletters and personalize automated email campaigns. Our easy to use template builder will delight your team.

Acquire, Educate, Engage and Support your customers.

Manage all your customers communications from a single platform. Through email, e-commerce, websites and mobile apps, create advanced segmentation, highly personalized and automated conversations.

Engagement Engines.

Understand your audience states, reduce churn and increase engagement. Trigger communications from user behaviors, interest and attributes. Our basic engine is pre-activated with every account, review the content and press play.

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PUSHTech We Deliver

We deliver

Free your marketing teams from software engineers dependency

Marketers get full control over technology driven campaigns, actions and timings.

Simplified complexity

Marketing and engagement automation made easy and affordable.

Better customer data

Unifying your customers databases, making it accesible, visible and useful.

Increase your technology potential and reduce costs

Super power your existing systems and tools while reducing your costs.

Expert support and knowhow

Product engineers and expert marketers available 24/7.

API and integrations

APIs, SDKs and Webhooks for available for your system integration.