Use of our Multi-Factor Authentication Service is subject to these Supplemental Terms in addition to our Terms, Privacy Policy & Security Statement . By using PUSHTech Multi-Factor Authentication Service or PUSHTech MFA in any manner, you agree that you are bound by these Supplemental Terms in addition to the Privacy Policy & Security Statement. These Supplemental Terms form a part of, and are hereby incorporated into, our Privacy Policy & Security Statement and Service point by this reference.

A. Additional Payment Terms.

Please visit our Pricing Page for our pricing relevant to PUSHTech Multi-Factor Authentication Service. Please refer to the Privacy Policy & Security Statement with respect to all other payment terms, which apply to all Service.

With respect to PUSHTech Multi-Factor Authentication Service, we will determine: (i) the number of successful verifications that have occurred in our sole reasonable discretion based upon the use by your message recipients of the PIN Codes provided by you to such users through the Service (“Successful Verifications”); and (ii) the number of unsuccessful verifications that have occurred in our sole reasonable discretion based upon the lack of use by your message recipients of the PIN Codes provided by you to such users through the Service within a reasonable period of time.

You can track and find additional information about your Successful Verifications on your Account dashboard or asking for your report to You may not use the Service in any manner that circumvents payment obligations that would otherwise be owed to us, or engage in any fraudulent, inappropriate or deceitful behavior in connection with the Service. We reserve the right to audit your use of these Service if we suspect the foregoing misuse is occurring, and adjust your invoices to bill you for any such verification messages improperly sent as if such requests were Successful Verifications, without limiting our suspension, termination, and other rights and remedies set forth in the Privacy Policy & Security Statement.

B. Third Party Information Sources

These Service use proprietary algorithms designed to reduce time to market by using one API that connects to multiple data sources, and to increase the accuracy of information provided to you by consolidating information received from multiple portability, telecommunications, and other databases. These Service inherently rely upon data derived from third party and public sources that are not under our control. Although our proprietary algorithm is designed to detect conflicts in and increase the accuracy of reported information, we do not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and neither we nor our suppliers make any guarantees or warranties, express or implied, about any of the information offered or provided, including, without limitation, warranties relating to accuracy, availability, or results of use. We also have no control over and accept no liability in connection with the telephone numbers submitted for verification purposes on our customers’ websites. We prohibit use of our services to impersonate others and for other fraudulent purposes (see our Privacy Policy) but we do not accept responsibility for third party actions. You acknowledge and agree that we have no fiduciary duty to you and you acknowledge that we have no duty to take any action regarding what which users gain access to the Service, the Content you or others access via the Service, or how you or others may interpret or use the Content provided through the Service. You release us from all liability for you or others having (or not having) acquired or relied upon Content through the Service. Your use of and reliance upon the Content provided through the Service is solely at your own risk.

C. Additional Representations and Warranties.

You further covenant, represent and warrant that you will only use PUSHTech Multi-Factor Authentication Service and exercise your rights under the Privacy Policy & Security Statement(i) for lawful purposes in compliance with our Privacy Policy & Security Statement.; (ii) incident to your authorized provision of services relevant to your users; (iii) in compliance with any and all location-based data laws, rules and regulations that may be relevant to you (such as the Spanish Act 15/1999 of 13 December, governing Personal Data Protection, Electronic Communications Privacy Act in the United States, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in the United Kingdom, or any analogous law in jurisdictions relevant to your use of the Service); and (iv) in compliance with any and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations and that you have any and all authorizations and permissions as may be necessary, including privacy-related consents, to obtain and use data obtained in connection with these Service.

D. Additional Privacy Terms.

Personally identifiable information that we obtain through PUSHTech Multi-Factor Authentication Service is subject to our Privacy Policy. We need to provide the telephone number and related information you submit to these Service to various third party database providers in connection with performing the Service. In addition, depending on the relevant jurisdictions, we may obtain and disclose to our requesting users the information obtained from such third party and publicly available databases, which may include, without limitation, a telephone number’s validity, type (e.g., mobile, landline, etc.), corresponding device status (e.g. whether or not it is currently available for messaging), roaming status, carrier, country of location, and whether or not the number has been ported. You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy with your users (including, without limitation, the provider of any telephone number you submit to us in connection with this Service), and you shall comply with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations relating to all of the foregoing information relevant to this Service. You shall not resell or otherwise disclose any information obtained by us through these Service to any third party. Your privacy policy must disclose the use of our Service and how personal information is treated in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You acknowledge and agree that you shall not submit any personally identifiable information to us that is owned by any person who has not agreed to the treatment of such information as set forth in our Privacy Policy, and you shall be solely responsible for any non-compliance with these Supplemental Terms.

E. Frequently Asked Questions.

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