Solutions provider

PUSHTech provides solutions for your industry, which are created to meet the precise needs of your organization. Mobile technology has become a fundamental component in our daily lives and is pushing the expectations of how we interact with our business operations.

Custom solutions for marketers

Our highly skilled software developers create custom solutions for marketers, we offer value-added solutions, technical skills and key industry knowledge that enables you to reduce operating costs, innovate efficiently and maximize your mobile investment. Your campaigns can be sent via messages based on customer segment, location and app usage history.

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Strategic consulting
Mobile strategy

PUSHTech shows you how to unlock the full potential of mobile technology. We help you define your mobile needs, create a vision for your mobile marketing processes and build a strategic roadmap.

A mobile strategy is fundamental for creating an experience that reflects the vision of your organization. With PUSHTech helping you to create an effective mobile strategy you can:

Strengthen your reputation with customers

Analyze and personalize your communications

Enhance engagement, quality and success

Increase loyalty, retention and adoption rates

Our consulting does not merely focus on the development of a mobile strategy for today, but it also concentrates on enhancing your efficiency to predict, plan, and implement campaigns well into the future.

Flexibility is the key

Flexibility is the key to delivering a sound strategic consulting Service. We fully understand this need and are happy to work around your schedule, be it on a weekly, monthly or one-time basis.

Our strategic consultants are specialists in mobile communication and realize the importance to incorporate it with your overall marketing plan and in addition how to optimize each campaign for all devices – computers, tablets and smartphones.

PUSHTech Platform Reports

Technical consulting
A dedicated team assisting you at every step of the way

At PUSHTech we have a team of consultants who are flexible and ready to serve our clients. We maintain an expansive reach of technical knowledge and mobile trends. We are dedicated to learning the key factors that are driving the customer and find the best solutions to suit their needs.

Our Technical Consulting team assists our clients by implementing and delivering a unique mobile strategy, designed specifically for our client’s requirements.

Helping business

We pride ourselves in understanding our client’s business needs and constraints fully before we offer our services. We also apply our experience to help you integrate our tools into your existing marketing strategy. We support our clients in creating realistic forecasting and return on investment analysis as well as executing customized mobile marketing campaigns.

Our focus is on helping businesses develop a mobile strategy with the flexibility to adapt to the ongoing market changes. We base our advice on our strong business roots, technical expertise and market knowledge. Our aim is to build up your app engagement, boost customer loyalty and retention and generate new customer acquisitions.

Helping Business