PUSHTech™ Predictive Intelligence
Predictive Intelligence

Predict the Best Content

Our Predictive Intelligence Engine pairs your customer profiles with sophisticated algorithms to predict which content will result in the highest engagement—whether that’s an offer, product, or graphic content. These decisions are delivered in real-time across all Mobile channels, making each message tailored to the individual and the moment.

PUSHTech™ Sales Conversion Optimization
Sales Conversion Optimization

Improve your Sales Conversion Performance

Using our realtime location, time and sales feedback features you can instantly adjust your campaign metrics, highlighting only those messages and channels that are producing the best impact on customer satisfaction with highest sales conversions. Then you can replicate those learnings to other campaigns.

PUSHTech™ Mobile Location Marketing

Mobile Location Marketing (iBeacons)

Pinpoint Targeted Marketing

More accurate than GPS and Wifi, iBeacons can create experiences customers have never had before. When customers enter or leave your store, event venue, cinema or hotel, you can trigger messages that inspire action or request feedback. And you can save, learn and re-use this data to build new sales opportunities.

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