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Realtime MultiChannel transforms Messaging

The promise of ‘Mobile engagement’ means contacting the right person at the right time and sending the right message on the right channel. Our easy-to-use Multichannel Mobile Messaging platform does precisely that. It lets you send real-time SMS alerts, instant messages, transactional emails or in-app push notifications as and when you need them.

Our custom-made content templates with drag-and-drop intuitive interfaces lets you create any kind of Mobile message across any Mobile channel - mobile tickets, special offers, promotional updates, retail coupons – and within your customers’ context—on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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PUSHTech™ Platform Overview

Always send the Right Message

You can dramatically increase your efficiency, effectiveness and ROI across all your Mobile communications – Mobile Messaging, Mobile Campaigns, Mobile Push, Mobile Action – by using our realtime multichannel messaging system and adjusting based on our Mobile Analytics to target the most relevant communications to your audience.

Manage Content

Manage and track content across all your customer channels from a single location—to make searching, categorizing, and filtering your content easier than ever. You can assign tags, campaign associations, and owners to your content.

Seamless Channel Integrations

Use PUSHTech’s Mobile Marketing Cloud’s drag-and-drop functionality to organize content and create new messages for any channel.