PUSHTech™ Platform Reports

Make your Channels Smarter
Listen, Learn, Engage only better

Optimize in Real Time

Continuously evaluate the impact of your marketing campaigns with PUSHTech’s Multichannel Optimization Engine. This assesses exactly how each channel is performing in realtime with a variety of customer measures.

Evaluate progress toward campaign goals based on specific customer data, and visually assess which channels and messages perform best.

Track and Test as you Want

You can easily adjust or re-order your goals for any campaign using our drag & drop tile capability. Track and test every single campaign element in real time, while measuring results over days, weeks, or months.

You can dramatically increase your efficiency, effectiveness and ROI across all your Mobile communications – Mobile Messaging, Mobile Campaigns, Mobile Push, Mobile Action.

Marketing Automation
Assist your Customers Journey

Engage Each Customer

Knowing how your marketing channels are performing means you can keep your customers engaged on the most powerful channel to them – Mobile. You can deliver relevant timely communications based on triggers such as events, customer location, or stage in the lifecycle and always deliver the right message, at just the right time.

Optimize the Results

Today's marketing requires realtime insights into what is working, and what needs to be improved. PUSHTech™ gives you the power to test and measure the effectiveness of your communications. Build a more personalized experience.

Marketing Automation

Mobile Location Triggers Delight Customers with great Timing

Behavior Triggers

Surprise your customers with valued content, useful messages or great timing. Trigger automated mobile messages when your customers interact like sending an automated follow-up message linking to a special offer or deliver rich content (photos, videos, links).

Multi-Step Campaigns

Mobile marketing automation helps build a series of personalized messages that adapt to interactions over time or closed-loop marketing programs like building a multi-touch campaign that adapts messages based on customers' previous interactions.

Customer Lifecycle Triggers

Send automated messages throughout your mobile customer’s lifecycle like re-engaging with dormant users who haven't opened your message in a given time period by enticing them with new content or offers.

Proximity Triggers

Leverage near-location or in-store technologies for precise message targeting like reaching out to customers as they enter your store or venue with local sales information. Aggregate this data over time and use it to create audience segments for seasonal campaigns.

Location Targeting

Turning mobile location into lifetime customer loyalty. Only mobile adds a new exciting dimension to customer marketing - geo-location. With our Segmentation and Smart Targeting Engines, you can easily incorporate location-based targeting into your Mobile marketing.

PUSHTech™ Location Targeting